Ruby Software Solutions Pty Ltd 

Payment and Delivery Policy

Payment must be received prior to the product being dispatched. The following forms of payment are accepted.

a)     Credit card

b)     Direct bank deposit

c)     Cheque

The software is dispatched by the next working day, courier or Australia Post express mail are the preferred methods.

Allow three (3) days for delivery.

Prices quoted are Australian Dollars and include GST, postage and handling.

In the event of lost or damaged products, Ruby Software Solutions will provide a full replacement.

Refund Policy

Ruby Software Solutions Pty Ltd only provide refunds if the product has been misrepresented by a Ruby Software Solutions Pty Ltd representative, or the product does not do what is claimed and as provided under Fair Trading Act and Australian law.

All software has a thirty (30) day period before it is required to be registered, no refunds will be considered after the software is registered.

On Selling Ruby Software Solutions Pty Ltd Products

Ruby Software Solutions Pty Ltd software products can not be onsold to another company by the licenced purchaser.


Paul Funnell OAM

Ruby Software Solutions Pty Ltd



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